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Examining Crops

SOLAND provides peace of mind as a one-stop-shop to simplify the complexities of farming and ensure the compliance of agrivoltaic operations.

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What is Agrivoltaics?

Agrivoltaics is the combination of agriculture and photovoltaics, in other words producing
agricultural products under solar panels. Agrivoltaics is playing an increasingly significant role in bringing about the Climate Smart Agriculture initiative.

SOLAND specializes in providing agricultural asset management and effectuating agricultural

plans for utility and community scale agrivoltaic projects.SOLAND’s extensive and growing agricultural network provides the added benefit of a beginning farmer mentorship program.

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SOLAND’s mission is to enhance soil on over 1 million acres of farmland and increase viability of over 1000 farm families across the US. Our goal is to implement strategic ecosystem based management plans that benefit the land, the farmer and the project owner for every project we are involved with.

SOLAND is a vehicle through which the next generation of farmers has an opportunity to evolve and thrive. SOLAND provides the framework and flexibility for the agrivoltaic operation to adapt as lessons are learned and technology improves.

About Us
Romanesco Cauliflower


SOLAND implements farm logistics plans on the first commercially viable agrivoltaic projects in the US. Our unparalleled experience with the ‘how-to’ and the lessons learned provides project owners with certainty and direction for projects of any scale.

SOLAND’s framework provides landowners with the ability to conduct their businesses within an inclusive culture that fosters sustainably increasing their agricultural productivity and incomes.

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